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Tuesday Trickle

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Tuesday Trickle
  • So far barely a trickle of rain.

    Another good ride yesterday.
    Tiff came and I took the big man Tex out for a check ride.
    He was a crabby pants because it was windy but he did well.
    He rides equally with a halter or his bitless.

    Tiff helped me get his feet done as well.
    Not perfect but good enough.
    My hip was killing me before we rode and doing his feet finished me off.
    The evening was spent on the couch with hot packs and a movie.
    I got the White Queen series as a gift.

    Going to pick up some lumber at a friend's if we can dodge the rain today.

    I hope everyone has an enjoyable week.
  • Had to do a thirty or forty mile round trip to get some contrast dye so Cal can have a scan tomorrow (at 5pm) in the same place.  They were under a code yellow emergency so I had to wait.  I picked the stuff up in radiology which was where the code was...apparently , from the firemen and their gear, there was some kind of smoke coming from some of the equipment on the walls.  The lady assured me the stuff tastes awful.  I hope the weather is calm since there are some awful drifting places between here and there.

    I am doing well...pretty much back to normal, just have to get the old body back into the habit of doing something other than rest.  Cal finally thinks he will live.  Hope this test tomorrow shows what his problem is.  six months of him being in pain is starting to wear on me....and it is taking a toll on him

    Glad you have a new project Stude.  I need something to create an interest in life for me...winter is dreary this year.

    Face, glad you are being careful.