Riding and rain
My friend Tiff is coming this afternoon to get a ride in before the forecasted rain moves in for the week.

We had a lovely ride Saturday.
Perfect weather.
Tiff has a little companion mare that was given to her.
A pretty black that can be ridden bareback with halter only.
She was attacked by a lion years ago and her withers were torn to shreds.
Pregnant at the time survived and carried her foal.

She was a bit tail swishy when I mounted.
But I did some some turning and backing and she settled.
Next time I will get her set up with some legit tack.

I can ride her weekly until she is okay for others.
And Tiff needs to work on bareback riding.

Stude, I am so glad your trip was successful.
But sounds like it was quite challenging.

Rain forecast for the rest of the week.
I have some cleaning and paperwork to accomplish.

Everyone have a great week.