I am gone all day tomorrow so need to get stuff around here ready.
Hay portioned out, etc.
Need to feed cows today as they will get skipped tommorow.
Cows and calves all seem to be doing fine. The warmer weather helps.
Same for the horses.

i do need to really consider how much longer we can go with Tonto.
His third eyelid is really getting bad. The cryo worked so well on the orb.
But this seems to be moving fast.
Dr. matt says to bring him in for assessment.
May try more cryo or remove the eyelid.
Also remove the eye. (I feel I can't put Tonto through that.)
The concern is the cancer may already be taking over in his skull.

I don't want to be the person that lets it go to long.

Face - I am glad you are able to get your rounds.

Everyone have a well Wednesday.