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Tuesday Time

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Tuesday Time
  • to do errands.
    Need to leave about noon so there is plenty of time to do chores.
    But that eats up the day.

    Pilot plans to fly today.
    Last flight before oil change.
    It should be a gorgeous day for it. Sunny and 70.
    Hoping the winds stay low.

    We had a great ride yesterday.
    Lots of limbs down from the crazy storm we had New Years eve.
    The was wind, rain, thunder, lightning, hail, sleet, snow and ice.

    Everyone have a terrific day!

  • Had MRI last Tuesday for rotator cuff injury. Downloaded a program to look at the images on CD, hmmm, means nothing to me. See the surgeon this coming Monday. I no longer need drugs and I have gained a lot of use back, though I do not push it. Do not want to go backwards and need narcs to sleep at night. I can operate tractor and move round bales so planning to get the remaining 14 RBs that are due us this Sunday.