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Monday Money

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Monday Money
  • to be made.
    One of our volunteer team members is moving.
    Her buyers requested to have an earlier closing so she is stuck with a lot of furniture that needed to leave quickly.
    I took the horse trailer over and we got what we thought would sell best at the resale shop moved there this morning.
    Wore me out.

    MaderChica made it here this morning.
    She swung by the resale shop to help unload furniture before heading to nap.

    We had an awesome ride yesterday.
    Great friends and perfect weather.

    Face I hope your shoulder is only in need of some PT.

    Pilot has ortho appt tomorrow afternoon for his knee.
    And then dinner with the family.

    I hope everyone has a great evening!

  • Felt so good today I did a lot more than usual...finally getting back to normal for me....yep, overdid it.  Could hardly throw wood from the stack towards the stove...only could get it half way.  Now, overtired and sleep is elusive.  Decided to get up and try some wine and computer time to see if that helps.  

    Found a cute mare in one of the Carolinas. .  She seems to be perfect except she is no younger than Whisper and Whisper;s joints are getting older and I am kind of looking for something a little younger to ride.  Put out a feeler to a race track vet and he might have an off the track Standardbred that would work for me.  Just want safe and not too tall, I do NOT enjoy getting on a tall horse.  I generally use a mounting block but like to be able to get on from the ground if necessary.

    Christmas is almost here.  My Oldest son and his family will get together with us when  we are all healthier.  Will be the first time since he met his wife that we have not had Christmas dinner together.

    Need to call the blacksmith and get an appointment for Whisper...she is getting long.  I don't notice it as quickly if we are not going for a ride.

    Hope all are well or healing.

  • Managed to get my ortho appointment bumped to tomorrow instead of Monday. Improvement has been minuscule.