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Wednesday and feeling better

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Wednesday and feeling better
  • Sorry, no clever rhyme for you today.  Monday was miserable, Tuesday was tolerable, and Wednesday dawned well.  So there's your rhyme.  Pathetic as these things go, however it will have to do

    The return of Mineres to my life was both my fault and this Government-run "insurance" we are obligated to live with here in Soviet California.  Actually, once one is on Social Security the Government mandates the individual participate in their Health Care programme.  If one doesn't the money returned to you is taken back by charging obscene portions of one's income to provide medical coverage.  I have a friend who gets $650 a month in benefits.  She owns her own home, has several vehicles, a horse trailer livestock, an IRA, typical of most people.  However there was a mistake in her income last year and she went over the limits by ten cents.  Yeah, ten cents.  For that reason, the Social Security administration forced her to pay for a medical plan that costs her six hundred dollars a month and covers very little with a six hundred dollar deductible.  You see how they punish one?  We pay for this system our entire adult life till retirement and then they do stupid stuff like this. 

    A long illustration of my point and somewhat of a digression.  However I hope I haven't lost you in it.

    Anyway the resurgence of Minieres was brought on by the "insurance" refusing to pay for my prescription of blood pressure pills (Metoprolol) till the 9th.  Hence, I wasn't able to get back to town (at that I had to have someone else pick them up for me) till the fourteenth.  So after being without the meds, my blood pressure spiked and... well there you have it.  Hence, when I hear this nonsense from the Democrats about single-payer medical coverage run by the Government my response is, "Oh, Hell NO!"  Because there is very little the Government does well.  Least of all anything the private sector does do well.

    Someone expressed the commonly held belief, in one of the FB groups I frequent, about how horses are bound in slavery to their human owners.  I reminded this person that the proper relationship between horse and owner is mutual service.  We serve the horse in providing shelter, food, care, and protection.  The horse in turn provides obedience and comfort.  Much like a partnership where we are the Senior and the horse is the Junior.  Like most of life, this relationship can work, or it can be dysfunctional, much like families are.  Many of us keep horses because they provide a refuge from an increasingly dystopian world.  I keep horses, for instance, because this is about the only thing I have done well my entire life.  I understand them and can work with horses which other people find impossible.   Not really by choice, but because I can't afford anything else.  The perfect balance for me would be for myself to be as good with people as I am with horses... ah, dream on.

    It's overcast and the clouds on the Western Horizon are a charcoal grey.  Almost black.  I suppose we will get that rain predicted for the afternoon quite early.  This kind of clouds often produce snow here.  However it's around 45 degrees and I rather doubt we will see snow today.  Fawn Lodge saw snow in the last storm that blew through a few days ago.  My hope is for a good snowfall this winter so we will have water for the summer.  One can hope anyway.

    Looks like I'll finally be getting my own horse trailer soon.  It's a late eighties Charmac three-horse slant.  Needs a lot of work, floors, rust repair, etc, however still looks presentable on the outside.  The current owner works for AT&T and will be gone for the next two weeks.  His parents have passed and left him their home and this trailer is part of the equipment they used for their Arabs (long gone).  They apparently did the show circuit with their horses for years.   So, we shall see what develops.

    Well, I suppose that's sufficient running at the... fingers, for one day.  I hope everyone around here has a great Wednesday.



  • Ahh it is Thursday now. Single Payer scares the hell out of me. So you state the government does very little well, any examples of what it does well? Just kidding, don't answer!  :-)

    Our horses get a great deal in our partnership. If we are lucky our horses work one day a week. On a bad week for them they work 2 days. The days they do work their work hours are very short. My sister's horses have a better deal, they never work!