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Monday - Back to Work.....

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Monday - Back to Work.....
  • .... from the Home Office. My goal is to NEVER go back to the office. I have a nice setup at home and love the lack of social distractions. My day starts earlier which means I am done earlier. Actually I am engaged longer as I will do one final check around dinner time.

    New vet last week. We decided we needed a vet operation that would handle emergencies. Our old vet downsized and it is a one man show, no emergencies. We like the new girl

    Spirit had a bad issue with a hind foot. Could see nothing wrong. Would drag the leg, only put a little pressure on the toe. Friday morning an undiscovered abscess burst. Vet was coming with x-ray machine but that was not needed, she still came. By yesterday she was walking as if nothing had been wrong. We had visions of fractures or something like that.

    Had a good ride with Fancy and Apache yesterday. 

    Christmas decorations were finished Saturday. Started the weekend before. Refuse to do anything until Thanksgiving is safely past.

    Another sister and her husband COVID positive. Knocked her on her back for 2 weeks and week three now still has no energy. This sister is the poster child of good health and taking care of herself, which me her husband is right along with her. He had a very rough few days as well. 

  • So Sorry for the sickness plaguing your family.  Glad Spirit is on the mend...abscesses can really be puzzling to diagnose.

    I am starting to feel better....putting off calling dr. for a script for antibiotics.  Not liking taking them unless really needed.

    Hope all horses and people are doing well.

  • Blood Pressure spike this morning.  It's almost 4 and I'm only just able to move around.  I have a condition called Menieres, which is an inner-ear issue.  When my blood pressure goes up, I can't move.  Walking is... a struggle.  I look like a cheap drunk,  So, one day lost to a major annoyance.  Could be worse, I suppose.  Could have the maladie de l'annĂ©e instead.  Hong Kong and H1N1 were bad enough.  Seems I always get them a few years after the big rush.  Never did like dealing with the crowds you know.  Hopefully only today down the tubes...