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Tuesday Totally

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Tuesday Totally
  • new and colorful calf.
    Mama Rio Cocoa presented the calf for us to see this morning and then off she went with it.
    She went yesterday morning without eating and we knew she was going to go have the calf.
    We left her be. If it is a heifer we will name and keep it.

    No horse action around here. To cold and windy to ride.
    Tentative plans are to ride Sunday.

    Have a great evening.

  • First real freeze here this morning. Has been VERY windy as well. Congrats on the heifer!

  • Well, Face beat me to it, but Congrats on the Calves anyway!

    It was really windy for a few days the first of this week.  Quite calm today.  I may get Socks out today.  Maybe even Louie, if I'm up to it.  Pulled the trigger on a new (to me, it's around 35-40 y.o.) carriage.  Modern slat-sided Phaeton.  The owner was looking for a nice two wheeler and I offered her the one I brought back from Colorado.  She agreed, so we will meet halfway in Mojave Ca.  They are concerned Soviet California may close the borders (I wouldn't be surprised <roll-eyes>) but I assured them Chairman Newsom hadn't yet made such an announcement.  Here's a pic of Socks' new carriage:

  • Nice carriage.

  • Wow it's beautiful!

  • Thanks, I hope it looks as good in person as the pics.

  • looks great