The calf was only an hour or 2 old when I found it this morning.
Actually when I found the cow Sunny D, she took me right to it.
It was damp and the umbilical was red and wet.
All white except for tan ears. It got up and nursed. I couldn't tell the sex.

All white seems to be the trend with this latest bull.
This is our partners calf and the fifth of theirs that is all white except ears.
Hoping our 2 calves are not white.
Maybe another will be born tomorrow morning.
Our cow Cocoa had discharge this morning but no calf yet when I checked this afternoon.

Horses are in since we got a half inch rain.
Cold temps tonight and tomorrow night.

2 of my horses are on probiotic so it will be interesting to see what Connie's OGS research yields.

Have a nice evening everyone.