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Wednesday When
  • It is so dry.
    A good time to pick up rocks.
    Rocks are literally everywhere in the hill country.

    Pilot and I did a big load with the bobcat.
    It bothered his knee too much so I did a few loads with my trusty dump wagon.

    Xrays and Ortho appointment made for his knee.
    A marathon runner in the past he is sure he is headed for a replacement.
    We'll see. Get out there and do stuff while your able. You just never know.

    Face I totally understand the time factor.
    I am behind on trimming. Luckily being so dry the hoof growth is extremely slow.
    Jet is done and Tex looks good for the time being but that leaves 3 more in line.

    And the quirks do pop up.
    I had to do a whole reteach how to trailer load after Sarcee had a wreck loading.
    She is better but not the ho-hum step on in she used to be.

    And since I haven't been riding Tex much he started the ants in the pants, no patience, lets go, while getting ready to ride.
    I thought he had outgrown that whole idea.

    Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday!
  • Back from three days at Fawn Lodge.  Winterized my trailer before leaving.  I keep telling George to winterize his house...  Listening is not one of his strong points.  I'm just waiting for burst pipes and blame coming my way.

    Got my toilet fixed  and am working getting the old girl off the Travel-Eze frame.  Step-by-step.  Taking a lot longer than I expected.  My truck is acting up AGAIN!  I'm getting so very tired of this!

    So glad to be back here with the kiddos again.

  • Last summer when Granddaughter was here for a couple weeks we spent some time the two weeks prior to get Spirit ready. She was fine when Kinsley was here. So if we have a plan for her to be ridden we can get her ready. Once she is tacked up she is fine. Will not spend the time on her if she is not going to be ridden. Really want my sister to downsize her herd of lawn ornaments. All of her horses LOVE people and want attention so would be great if someone had them that would spend time with them.

    Granddaughter and family moving back to the area from VA, in fact heading to VA this morning with horse trailer to load lawn tractors and other outdoors stuff on it. I was hoping they would move REAL close so they could be backups for us and Kinsley could claim Spirit as her horse she LOVES Spirit. But they are a little over 45+ minutes away so that dream is not practical. Won't see them every weekend either as there are lots of other family around.