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Spooky Saturday

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Spooky Saturday
  • We were suppose to do a Halloween horse ride.
    Ends up I am the only one joining my friend Tiffany.
    She wanted to paint costumes on the horses.
    Tex will be a skeleton.

    Her mom is having some guests after for an outdoor dinner.
    So it will be a nice afternoon.
    The weather will be be perfect.

    I hope everyone has a healthy Happy Halloween!
  • Oh, nice! I actually think that it is a good idea. Having a different theme aside from the usual scary stuff. It is a good thing you thought about it. I bet painting costumes on the horse is a lot of fun! Seems like Tiffany is the artsy one haha. Hope it all went well!

  • Yes it was fun. And Tiffany is the artsy and enthusiastic type.