Face Wow your sis is in for a rough road.

We are headed to get feed for horses.
I plan to get a few extra bags just because things seem so uncertain.
We also have a couple errands.

A stop at TSC for a new feeder for Jet.
He wrecked the last proper sized mineral tub one I had.
It was cracked but useable. He decided to put his foot through the bottom of it.
He has done this maneuver before and then stands there pitifully because he has the tub stuck on his foot.

The heavy duty rubber ones last him awhile.
I just have to drag it out after every feeding so it lasts longer.

Pilot made me some nice racks for the new tack room. He cut horseshoes in half for the hooks.
He needs more bolts to attach the second one to the wall.

We need to get cattle feed also. Thats in the opposite direction so not today

A fresh new week, everyone enjoy!