The Resale team had an awesome day yesterday.
They said everything went smoothly considering a sales total that I believe is the highest in our history.
Hoping for a smooth repeat today.I will join them since Pilot and I completed the horse pen revamp.

All seems to be working out well with the new pens and stalls.
Tex got the back pen and stall which is slightly inconvenient for feeding.
He protests loudly when he is hungry so I doubt he will be forgotten.

Considering Pilot and I both have asthma we are extra careful.
We see no reason not to be extra cautious.
I volunteer at the help center food pantry which is essential.
My friend R had covid and nearly died so I know it is nothing to take lightly.

My dad refuses to wear a mask at church.
Of course it's his choice but since my sis and I take care of him we need to protect ourselves.
Which results in less interaction with him but that's the consequence of his choice.

I hope everyone has s smooth Saturday!