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Thursday On Track

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Thursday On Track
  • We are planning to reopen the resale shop tomorrow.
    Limited hours and lots of safeguards in place.

    Pens are almost ready. Just have to modify an existing one tomorrow and should all work.
    Everyone essentially stays in the same order moving over one stall.
    Our order is girl-boy here also. Fingers crossed.

    Stude I didn't realize Socks was that tall.
    My friend wants to do a future mini therapy horse to take to nursing homes.

    Everyone have a tremendous Thursday!

  • D.H. Jmebear has sold several of her foals as therapy horses.  Most especially to a pediatric Doctor in the S.F. Bay area.  

    Yeah, Socks is a big boy.  Not as big as Riverdance was, but no pixie either (hence one of his nick-names is 'my little man').  He is from Mr. Koopman's  (a Chino-valley Dairyman in So. Cal.) breeding,  which was a dream of mine to have since the late Seventies.  His horses averaged between sixteen and seventeen hands.  The coach-horse-type and largely of Canadian breeding.  Only the Canadians and Argentinians are breeding the big Hackneys anymore.