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Sunday Seems

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Sunday Seems
  • Like a good day to ride.
    Tiffany is doing her second haul over this morning.
    B and Amy are joining us.
    A rare occurrence that all four of us ride together.

    Good that Amy can come.
    She can ride Jet, He and Tiffany's horse Ransom are buds.
    B and I can take the mares.
    Chica got a cut above her eye yesterday. Maybe could have used a stitch but not awful.
    Always something.

    Nice to see Stude back from his galavanting.
    I hope Jmebear is well. She had a tough time with her hip?
  • Thanks DH.  Yes, Jmebear had hip surgery that went badly.  She's getting along much better and I'm working on returning to my own life.   Galavanting... more like galloping (LOL)!   I finally got to the point of driving till I was out of the @#%%!! storm!   Occurred at or before the Nevada border.

    Yes, horses certainly are self-destructive, aren't they?

    Hope everyone has a great ride or drive today.  Along with a great day!

  • Good Sunday ride here. Farrier in the afternoon. All of our extra work on hooves has paid off. Apache's bruising is gone and Fancy's blow out has grown back in nicely. Farrier felt heat on sister's horse so he may be working on his own blow out. Oh well, he acts fine now and no one does anything with him any more anyway, just like the other two pasture ornaments the sister owns.