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  • We are going from 100 degrees to 60's over several days.
    Hoping to get some more rain mixed in also.
    The 3/4 inch we got this past week still leaves us around 10 inches short for the year.

    I hope everyone is having a Super weekend!
  • I think today is Tuesday.   Cal had his surgery last Wednesday...five hours of it and an hour and a half in recovery.  Then on to the step down part of the hospital which is a step down from intensive care.  Saturday I went for my daily visit and they released him.  The growth was four to five inches long but they did the surgery lapriscopically.   He is gaining strength every day.  Soon it will be a cane instead of the walker.  He is already talking about when he can go back to work.  Probably because I told him if he didn't I would get him a critter that he would have to go to the barn daily to take care of.

    Got Whisper a trim again today.  Her feet look so much better after only two times with Eric.    So thankful I got in touch with him.  One front foot clubs and one wants to pancake and no one else would listen and he has a lifetime with race and saddle horses so he understands.  Of course, they oiled and stoned our road so it won't be a comfortable place for her to be ridden now.  

    We had beautiful cooler weather but today the muggy is back.  I have been going through the blankets that will fit Whisper so I can clean them and get ready of when winter hits.  At her age, I think a blanket is wise...went without one most of last winter and then she started to colic...not that one necessarily caused the other but want her to stay warm and comfy.

    Have missed my daily visits here.  I just might have time now.

    Oh,  just as poop is great after colic, it is great after colon surgery....yes,  I cheered.

  • Glad to see all is going well! Prayers for the speedy recovery to continue.