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Friday Fit

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Friday Fit
  • to come home.
    Picked Sarcee up last evening.
    The impaction was pretty serious.
    We decided going in that surgery would not be an option.

    She needed pain meds 3 times and lots of fluids.
    They tubed her 3 times because nothing would move through and had to relieve pressure on her stomach.
    Labs showed it probably was not a twist.
    Since she would not be considered for surgery they were able to use a stronger pain med.
    Finally the blockage moved.

    Thankful for the awesome care she received.
    And all the prayers!

    I haven't seen the bill yet.
    I probably need prayers for that too.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
  • Glad to see all is well, at least until the bill arrives.

  • Impaction colic is awful.  When Harley impacted  I still remember the happy feeling when the mineral oil passed through.  Then  days of soaked hay in small quantities and pushing water....finally, normal.  Thankful for youo.

  • Ah yes the celebration of the glistening mineral oiled poop!