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Thursday Try

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Thursday Try
  • not to do that again.
    I accidentally messed up on my meds and missed some doses two days in a row.
    It was awful.

    Connie I am glad you are getting your family time.
    We are not hardly seeing any family except B.
    My sis did come over and give us both haircuts.

    I fear we are headed for another shutdown.
    I know things are awful and no one wants to follow orders but if everyone did this would end much sooner?

    Everyone be safe and healthy.
  • The family arrived safely, albeit later than I thought...they are BIG into distancing.  Very thankful that the next morning I heard on the local news that there was free covid testing 20 miles from here.  They went and were tested.  So glad that has been done.  When they get the results back, supposedly in a couple of days I will be able to hug them...  I had to smile yesterday when they asked permission to come upstairs and use the shower..originally they were going to boil water and take bucket baths.  I gave them a list of things to do while in isolation...imporvements such as heavy furniture moving in the room they are staying in.  I plan on making that a winter bedroom.

    Hope all are well  and the temps are behaving.

  • Well, we are up for another suffocatingly hot day.  It's still pleasant , but as soon as the sun clears the  trees to the east, we're in for it for sure.  Yesterday it was cooler than forecasted.  Oh whoopee!   Is there a real difference between 106 and 103????   Honestly!  

    Almost done with reassembling the Pony Barn.  We shall see if I get much of anything done today.

    You know DH, I wonder just how much is total B.S. and how much is real news anymore.  As to CV-19, the books have been SO cooked we may never know the REAL numbers!  Hence I view ANYTHING I hear about it with the deepest (Marianas trench deep) of skepticism.  However, I would  trust Texas information MUCH more than California.  Even  though you have suffered a huge influx of Californication in all of your big cities (sorry about that).  I wish there was a shot to cure stupid.  Sadly if there was, California would make it illegal.

    Well, I'm headed off behind the Emerald Curtain, I hope, by Friday.  So, since that means no internet, I likely won't  be talking to any of you for a week or so.  Fawn Lodge has many virtues of which internet access is no longer included.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and coming week!

  • The numbers in themselves don't mean a whole lot. You need the deeper down detail to make sense of it and we will not get those numbers. How many test positive that actually get sick vs positive and never get sick. Hospital capacity  levels matters a lot. I ignore media information and a lot of people regurgitate outdated news to fit their agenda.

    Granddaughter arrives Sat for her annual 2 week visit. Will be very limited as to where we will go. Thankfully, Fancy's has done great with her hoof treatments so she can handle a 7 year old.