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Tuesday A Tad

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Tuesday A Tad
  • cooler.

    It has been too hot and humid here also.

    Yesterday we got the rattlesnake we have been hunting at the cabin for the last couple years.
    He was about 4 feet long and eleven buttons on his rattle.
    I am glad he is for sure gone.

    Got our early voting done.

    Visit to the trainer went well.The horse had been roughly trained and treated throughout his previous life.
    He has scars from bracing against a tie down. Holds his head high and rides best with a tight rein.
    Sad but i think my friend will do well with him.

    No plan today. i am very tired, not sleeping well.

    Connie your countdown to son's visit must be getting close.

    Everyone have a great day.

  • Hot here in Oak Run, but not so bad as it has been.  We had 130 bales of hay (150#  bales) delivered today.  Started dis-assembly on the Pony Barn  today (walled in carport tent from Harbour Freight).  Got well along with  the project and will likely finish tomorrow.  Jmebear's new pony, Dusty, is coming along nicely.  He's really finding our place exciting and I think he's having fun.  Dusty met  some of the mares today.  He was sweet and enthusiastic,  the mares were typical mares.  ie: rude and grumpy.

    I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.