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Sunday slept in

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Sunday slept in
  • until 7am.  Usually up around five.  

    We got a wicked rain storm last night around eight thirty.  It is a blessing it only lasted a half hour or so...at least the heavy part or there would have been flooding.

    Today we are supposed to go to a picnic with a group from church.  I enjoy the company of theses people but I honestly do not feel up to it.  Allergy season is not over for me and I don't feel very social.  Told Cal I would make a dish to pass and send his meat with him but he said he would not go if I don't.  I know part of the reason for me is that it will be held at the home of a couple I really admired and he has passed since the gathering last year.  I really am not emotionally prepared to go to his home and not have him there.  

    Whisper has some odd bumps on her.  They swell, they get a scab and the hair falls out...not many but it is worrisome to me.  She has two one on either side her jugular vein, one on the girth area and some down the front of her neck.  She has lost weight .,was wormed within the past couple of months and eats like the proverbial horse.  Regular vet can not come until after 7/6 to do the shots that should have been done in May.  Didn't want to do them when she was actively colicing on a regular basis.

    Was having some unpleasant issues...headache and such..Dr put me on BP meds.  Go in the 1st for Ultra sound on the carotid.  My BP is better with the little blue pill but it messes with my stomach unless I take it with food...I learned that the hard way.

    Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday and has a great week.


  • Happy to see you Connie.

    Could the bumps on Whisper be Bots? I started rotating between 3 different wormers instead of the usual 2.

    Glad to hear she hasn't been colicky.

    My younger mare had a horrible cycle this Spring. It seemed to last forever.

    Thankful no colic.

    I have had her on red raspberry leaf all spring. Last year Spring and Summer..

    I just discontinued it.

    We had a nice ride again last evening.

    I cancelled this morning's ride because B was not feeling well and there were showers on radar.

    Of course the showers didn't materialize.

    Made waffles and put a roast in the slow cooker.

    I think a rare nap might be in order.

    Everyone have a lovely day!