cool! 55 degrees this morning.
Perfect weather here for at least the next week.

Pilot is going to take advantage and get out early to fly.
Whatever upgrades are complete on the plane and he is back in the air.
He is much happy when he can fly.

For sure a ride both Saturday and Sunday mornings.
I am much happier when I can ride. ;)
Farrier Ed came yesterday and did Jet's front shoes.
He says I am doing very well on the rest.
If I just keep on rasping to stay ahead of the game I am good.

Calf is doing well. And for sure a keeper but still needs a name.
Pilot likes June Bug.
Since her momma's name is Sugar.
I like Cookie, or Spice.
How hard will a registered name be.

MaderChica's Vet friend called the day she got here asking when she would be returning.
Vet wants her to come back and work her previous position until school starts.
Glad for MaderChica, less stress for the time being.

I hope you all have a beautiful day!