Connie that you are having such a mystery problem with your Whisper.
Jet's hives are a horrible sight but treatable.
Your case doesn't even have clues except that it is going to happen and you know somewhat when.

The weight loss is concerning if she is consuming her usual amount.
What if you added oil to her feed and increase as the time nears?
It could help with weight also.
I use red raspberry leaf on a certain missy mare.

Our ride went well and C seems happy with her new horse.
Name change for him was a must.
Who names a horse Jake from State Farm?
She prefers Bentley. He is a red line back dun.
14.2 which she is glad of.
He likes to walk on out. But has a lovely slow trot which seems actually slower than his full speed walk.

Another ride this morning.
B and I will take the mares and Tiff on her barca-lounger Tex.

The squirrels need some vitamin lead.

Have a great day.