of 1-1/4 inches of rain.
It should start drying out today.

Everyone's hooves should be soft so I need to make time to trim.
Probably a ride or two this weekend to get hooves in shape for.

Our newest cow Sugar failed to show for breakfast yesterday.
She is not due to calve until July but timing could be off.
Didn't notice if she was bagging up but also wasn't looking yet.
Hoping for at least 2 of the upcoming calves to be heifers.
We have one steer already from last year.

B called and said she convalesced over the weekend and was feeling much better after her wisdom tooth surgery.
She told me MaderChica has one day left to work her necropsy lab job.
Then after livestock shipping she is free to come for a visit next week.

I hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!