Two plus two is four.
We rode all four out together for the first time ever.
And all did well.
It was a lot of fun.

My nephew Lucky Boy had his graduation ceremony last night.
I am glad they got to do it but only four guests per graduate so we didn't get to go.
He can head off to college as soon as August 1.

Rain is headed this way for the rest of the weekend.
We need it so I'll try to be glad about it.

Mader Chica is disappointed with her new internship.
So much so she is quitting. And the MN State fair has been cancelled.
She gets requested by the state vet to be be an assistant.
But perhaps by divine intervention she received a job offer from a large Texas dairy.
If anyone has good thoughts or prayers they would like to add it would be immensely appreciated.

I hope everyone has a safe and well weekend!