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Thursday with beautiful sunshine and no snow.

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Thursday with beautiful sunshine and no snow.
  • Yesterday was nice but woke up to a snow covering on everything.  A few days earlier there was snow about 4" and my flowers were not happy.  I am surprised at how so many of them returned to their natural beauty when the snow melted...the ones who had stems bent, however, should be cut off...not so pretty.

    Now that Whisper has decided that the pasture is a good and desirable place to be she loves going outside and actually just rests next to the barn when she has her belly full and wants back in.  Love the change in her.

    Missed about two weeks here.  Glad Socks is better.  Hoping the SC horses stop playing the "I am lame game"  I used to ride a farmer's pony.  Going away from home she limped big time.  Heading back she was sound and wanted to run....smart girl but I wanted to ride so she soon got over it when she found it didn't work.

    This state might open back up by Monday...sure hope Cal can get back to his regular schedule.  He is not made to sit around, he tends to veg and then getting up and moving is not easy for him.  I am sick of the masks when I do go to a store.  Hard to breath in them and I am breathing my own CO2 which seems stupid.

    Have a great day, all.

  • I don't like to talk with mask. But then again, I don't like to talk much anyway!