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Wednesday Wishes

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Wednesday Wishes
  • Birthday wishes for my Jet yesterday. 22 years.
    Tex's birthday today. 11 years already.
    And Sarcee's birthday is Friday. 20 years.

    Tonto had another eye check on Monday.
    Dr. Matt was thrilled how well it all has gone.
    He zapped a tiny bit more and I had him do a couple more spots on his sheath.
    Then I am afraid my pocketbook is done.
    Sarcee still needs her tooth x-rayed.

    Stude it is a Phaleanopsis (sp) orchid.
    We shall see if it survives.
    I gave up having houseplants quite some time ago.

    We had a spit of rain yesterday morning.
    More is forecast for the weekend.

    We loaded another steer off to be processed yesterday morning.
    This one belongs to our friends.
    I still haven't replaced our extra freezer and we have plenty of meat until our steer is ready.
    I prefer to rotate out what we have.

    I hope it is a good week for everyone and all are well.
  • Something like this?  Also known as Moth Orchid.  Very popular as they're easy to grow.  Likely it will need repotting in a year or so.  Or as dear old Mum used to say it, "Potting-on."  A fine bark mix is best and frequent WEAK feedings.  Use half or less of whatever water-based or mix general orchid fertilizer you like.  Make sure it's damp all the time, but don't drown it!  Besthing is an oversize,shallow water dish.  Something attractive under it perhaps with some nice looking 1/4" - 1/2" gravel in it.  Make sure the dish has water all the time.  Feed in the pot, water in the dish, though sprinkle a bit of plain water in the pot occasionally.  Mist 3X a week when hot ,1X during cold weather.  Do not feed whilst in bloom.  Cut stem as soon as flowers have dropped.  they like a little sun but also burn quite easily.  Best sun is early morning.

    My mother loved Dendrobium-Phaleniopsis.  Poor things just didn't like it when I moved inland where it was hotter and drier.  I have one struggling little thing left that is a dwarf of it's former self.  Hasn't bloomed in almost twenty years.

    Rain since Monday.  Rain for all next week.  Not complaining, we need it badly.

    New tire on the Kubota.  Back to work!



  • Yes Stude that is the one except a lovely purple.

    So kind of you to give me such detailed care instructions.

    Perhaps now it will survive.

  • Here is one my wife is growing. My son gave me a portrait lens a couple years ago and I never used it until last week. I think this is a Singapore Orchid.

  • Phalaenopsis again.  Just like what I bought Jmebear when she was in the rehab hospital.  Amazingly, it's still alive.  Jmebear's new cat loves it, poor thing.  He's really beat it up and broken the cache pot but that hardy love keeps soldering on.  I think it needs new medium and a proper pot.   But first we have to find a way to keep Chester from playing with it.