super flower moon was gorgeous.

You have quite a mystery Face.
Alternating limpers?
I hope you get your co-conspirators figured out.
This should be a beautiful weekend for riding.

C's cousin has jumped into the horse world.
She got a cute little Appy from a kill pen.
She wanted my assessment? So I went to give her a hand.

He is a nice little horse. Little compared to my beasts.
Good looking feet. She said he was iffy about his back feet. I didn't have any trouble picking them up.
I think perhaps someone jerked his right hind out to the side. He doesn't like to yield his hind from that side either.
He is very well mannered on the ground. He will put his head all the way to the ground when asked. ( and not try to nibble grass)
He also ground ties nicely. Very smart picking up on what I asked quickly.
But we don't know what he knows and I am not getting on a mystery horse.
She is a novice rider but was determined to get on so I watched.

He has a very soft mouth but likes to throw his head some.
Teeth floating did reveal 2 cavities. He could be wary of the bit hitting his teeth?
Expensive tooth care could be the reason for throwing away a nice little horse.

I think I have her convinced to have him assessed by a trainer.
She would get up speed faster and be able to enjoy him.

Thursday is still my volunteer day but abbreviated.
I hope you all have a trouble free day!