Not much happening today.
I hope it stays that way.

I am not into baking.
But yesterday I spent the day cooking.
Even though there was a last minute invite to ride yesterday morning.
I declined feeling that I had shirked my house duties all last week.
And my legs would have probably fallen off.

I made verde sauce.
And made Pilot some pork verde.
His second favorite next to green chicken enchiladas.
I also prebaked some chicken for his green enchiladas later in the week.
Seasoned some baby backs for today and made potato salad to accompany.
I didn't get taco meat done but that is an easy fix for tomorrow, Cinco de Mayo. (already)

I felt bad for ignoring Tonto all week also and took him out for a couple hours of grazing.
I need to find a chair to follow us around because my legs did nearly fall off.

Today is for some outside chores.
Some watering.
Also cleaning and filling troughs.

I hope everyone has a lovely Monday!