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Friday's feeling better!

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Friday's feeling better!
  • Well, here we are a few days later and Socks seems to have gotten pasthe issue.  I'm going to put Socks back on salt again in an attempto get more water in him.  I may move his feeder (I'm going to have complaints from the Boss, oh well) away from the water.  Maybe I'll figure out moving the water (more complicated but less objections).

    He was looking much better on Thursday so Socks and Louie spent the day next-door in their paddock.  Very happy boys!  Socks is much more alert and no longer seems to be in pain.  Maybe we are past this?  I hope, I hope?

    Looks like the world may be reopening this coming week.  One can hope anyway.  Looks like the general public has had about all of this shutdown they're going to put up with.  So, hopefully everyone will have a decent weekend?

  • Will be a beautiful weekend here. Fancy was limping a little Thursday, better yesterday, but no ride today. (Saturday) Maybe tomorrow.