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Tuesday at 2

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Tuesday at 2
  • Am that is.
    Awake from hip pain.

    Had a good ride today.
    B and I took Tex and Sarcee.

    Going to ride again in the morning.
    Tonto has his eye check in the afternoon.
    Dr. Matt wanted to move appt from 2 to 3pm.
    That gives a little more breathing room between riding and getting into Fredburg for appt.

    Today is Chica's tenth birthday.
    Also a year ago that Pilot fell and broke his back.
    He seems to be at about 99.9 percent healed.
    So grateful. It could have been so much worse.

    Everyone have a perfect ten Tuesday!

  • Routine Spring Vet visit last Friday. Two good rides over weekend. We get to a point in the rides where I let him decide where and how to get back to the barn. He always decides to stay out longer and go away from the barn. Sunday he chose to in an area he had never been before and we ended up on a nice trail that he has never done and we had not done in a couple years. I like when I horse chooses to stay out longer. Fancy was the same way when she lead.