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Good news,full of hope, Thursday

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Good news,full of hope, Thursday
  • morning.  I was a bit worried about going to the barn and when I walked in I was met by silence and hungry cats.  I went a bit further where I could see her stall and she nickered to me and looked bright.  She ate most of her hay overnight, finished the mash she had turned her nose up at, and did not drink.  She drank a gallon+ of hot water this morning and I found  2/3 pee spots and 3/4 poop spots..hard to always tell since she walks things into her bedding.  PHEW.  She demanded her breakfast this morning.  I am so relieved.  A lot of tension yesterday.  Darned little girl means a lot to me.  Was going to take her for a trailer ride late yesterday.  She peed before coming out of her stall (first pee of the day) and pooped after on the trailer.  So, back to the barn with her..the lights on the trailer were not behaving so opted to not go for the ride.  Also found out that oldest step son took our hitch..we need that back since the two I have don't fit the ball and putting that trailer on a too small ball is not safe.  still would have risked it for a mile around the block on smooth roads if it would help her.

    Have a super day.

  • She is fine today and was great yesterday too.  I picked through her BM's and found a thready red worm.  I found a finger shaped 'ball" that was too hard for my knife and would not break up with my gloved fingers.  I looked at enderolith photos and found nothing like it.  wondered if it could be the start of one?  She is her normal self today for that I am thankful.