Whisper, once again, was a tad bit off this morning.  She had not eaten her hat, was not very interested in her hot water.  Great gut sounds. She wanted the hay she normally won't eat.  Went and bought a new vet thermometer...not thrilled with it, danged difficult to read.  TSC was out of digital because the hospital staff have to take temps regularly and use their own thermometers and they bought them out. She had a normal temp.  Pulled her blanket and put her out.  She did not care...a sure sign things are not right.  Brought her more hot water.  No interest.  She finally started moving around and when I got back with the new temperature probe she had dumped out.  (don't we love poop?) she went around nibbling on new grass she had to paw snow off of.  Left her out for four or five hours but it started to rain and it was not very warm.  I  went back to TSC and bought a bag of senior feed pellets.  Came home and mixed some with her hot water...she liked it!!.  Let her in.  She drank the water down to the sludge in the bottom.  I mixed that with some crimped oats and carrots.  Went back later and she had licked the tub clean.  She was eating the hay that did not please her overnight so I am thinking she is okay once again.  

Pretty much the same here even though requested not to go out unnecessarily.  I seldom do anyway.  Cal is working half time.  Driving a double route and picking up 0 passengers.  This Friday he gets to do a teleconference with his health care provider.  

I hope all are healthy and your loved ones are too.  will be thankful when this virus is whipped.