Yesterday it was over 60 and downright balmy.  I woke up this morning to a dusting of snow.  Nice sunshine now.  

Yesterday I went to where I got my 1/2 a beefer and picked up 50lbs of beef for my son and his family.  While there I visited the horse I saw get injected at the race track two or three weeks ago.

He is better behind but now has a very sore foot in front...owner said thrush.    He is swollen in that ankle and a bit below the knee where he was injected for his check ligament.  He must feel some better, he has gained weight.  Yet the way he moves that foot is darned sore.  He is on a rubber mat and that might not be the best.  I know they like him and want to help him but I think he needs daily care instead of every few days.  I was aching to take care of his leg and foot.  I did call last night and tell them I will take him anytime and work on him for them.

Hoping everyone is healthy.  Life here is not much different.  Basically here alone most of the time.