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Friday Flooded Pens

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Friday Flooded Pens
  • We got another almost 2 inches and raining now.
    Horses are standing in muck.

    Staying home but too wet to get any work done.
    Laundry is caught up.

    Sis manages online grocery at wmart and my horse buddy amy works with her.
    They are being overwhelmed.
    She got me a few things
    But we are stocked to the rafters here.

    Maybe some sewing tomorrow.
    Be safe and enjoy the weekend is upon us.

  • I am so glad the drainage issues here athe Walkingbear have long since been addressed.  the paddocks are muddy in places, but everywhere else drains off nicely.  So much better than it used to be here.

    think my truck is fixed.  Now to work on my Stationwagon.  I really wanto get Bess going again.  She's so much more fun to drive!

    Well Chairman Newsom did it.  The idiot locked down the whole state.  Oi vay!

    Well, I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!  Keep safe, keep sane!