We don't have to feed cattle today.
Calves are out of the weaning pen so no need for daily trips to feed them.

Gorgeous weather here. Everything is blooming.
I am keeping an eye on the mesquite trees as they are suppose to be the truth tellers that there will be no more frost.
Not a leaf on them yet...

We didn't get enough rain at the appropriate time for a full flush of wildflowers but they are starting to pop up.
There is rain in our forecast through the weekend.
We could use some to get our brush piles burnt.
But prefer to have hay in before rain.

Connie you are so mean to lock Whisper out of the barn.
I am so relieved that she survived. Poor girl.

I am going to cook ribs and potato salad for dinner. We can dine on the front gallery and enjoy the full onslaught of Spring.

Everyone have a wonderful day!