Stripped Whisper's stall Sunday afternoon.  Cal emptied containers and I filled them, being careful not to twist...well not to twist too much.  Then Monday put her out and locked her out of the barn.  She was fine for a while but I made her stay out until almost 3.  She needs to move around and still prefers the idle life of the stall.

Physical Therapy was good but exhausting.  Neil evaluated me and said the left side of my hip is compensating for the right side and hence, got stressed.  My right leg is very stiff he said.  Not good range of motion.  Showed me exercises to help and set me up with twice weekly sessions.  Sure hope they help.  

After dinner I took Whispers over some more water (HOT) and she was thankful.  She was a bit miffed that I had not brought her more carrots.  Her stall should be easier this morning.  However, we are in for a day of rain so she will probably be in all day.  Yesterday we were in the high 60's.  Maybe we are going to get spring.  The woods are starting to thicken.  Can not see through the treetops as easily with all of the budding going on.

Not thrilled with the time change but at least I can go over to the barn after dinner and not need a flash light.

Have a great day/week , everyone.