We got the wind today.
Looks like March is going to be wet and snowy. At least for a few weeks. I hope it does this throughout April as well. We will need the snow and water for next summer. It makes things more difficult in Fawn Lodge, however, I can live with that.

Jmebear and I went to a trails obstacle playday Saturday with Louie and Abbey. Louie decided to be a good boy instead of Psyco-Pony. Much a relief, that. Abbey was a good girl for a pony who hasn't gone anywhere or done anything in her life. She was actually good for a pony who has.

Still moving out of one trailer into the other. Lots to do yet.  then I have to move the loaded trailer over the mountain.  Setting up in Fawn lodge is going to be interesting...

Hope everyone has a great March.