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Saturday Supposed
  • to be windy.
    Gusts to 30 mph.
    I don't like riding in the wind but C wants to sneak a ride in today.
    If she wants to I will grab Tex and go.

    Spring seems to have arrived here, at least for this week.
    Chances of rain Tuesday.

    Everyone have a great weekend!
  • Nice weekend here. Sunny, cool and very windy. Hoping today, Sunday, to be able to take Apache out as he has been looking very good on his hoof. I went back to thinking he had an abscess. Think it was so deep in the frog that it never would have been seen.

    They have declared it to be the wettest winter in SC ever. More rain moves in Monday. When we got our squares bales our hay dude was concerned as he cannot get in the pastures to fertilize.