Yesterday we were in the mid fifties.  Today it is slushing...that yucky combo of rain and snow coming out of the sky.  The temps are 33 and might make it up to the low 40's.  I know what it is doing out there because I just came back from the barn.

Whisper presented with the beginning of a belly ache yesterday morning.  She refused her hot water so it was not hard to see something was wrong.  I came back to the house for a thermometer and when I got back to the barn she was down.  Told her to get up and she did.  No fever.  Gut sounds pretty good.  Kicked her out of the stall.  she went to the hay I have been selling because she would not touch it and said it was the best hay ever.  I could deal with that but then she started putting her teeth on a wood pallet and bearing down.  NO!    She went back to it.  I booted her out.  I managed to get the overhead door closed before she could come back in.  She didn't object which is not like her.  She hates the outside alone.  I put some hay and water out for her and left her out.  Called my usual horse vet...on vacation!  Came in and got the number of a vet who is fairly new to the area but is just horses...he called me back and I really liked him.  She was eating and drinking and acting more herself when he got back to me and he asked me to put him in my phone and text him how she was doing.  My regular vet sent me a message yesterday evening since she had read comments on Whisper on facebook.  

She was pooping and eating and back to her normal "I must go back in the barn and in my stall NOW or I will surely die" mode.  I think she will be fine but will watch her extra close for the next few days.

Such strange weather this winter.  For once, I think I am looking forward to spring, mud and all.