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Thursday and here I am. FRIDAY on the east coast.

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Thursday and here I am. FRIDAY on the east coast.
  • Jumped on the laptop. You can always tell when I'm not doing bills like I should since it should be every month, around the 1st. Oh well.
    I have this little foster (American Eskimo dog) that's making me crazy (as I hear banging coming from the kitchen). I'm driving her to PA this week coming up. Yes. I think I can do it in 4 days. Then on to CT to "sell" boy my Ford Escape. It will be great visiting. But I won't have too long. I'll fly back Sunday. I'll see the guy there, too. Can't seem to stop caring about him. I figure we can be friends. I have other friends who are far more aggravating than he.
    Not much really going on. Work - busy. Carmy-plump. Sweet Pea the elder is okay. Cats are fine.
    Still have applications out there. Never know.
    I hope everyone gets better. I know abscesses are horrible but not too serious. Just painful and nasty but they clear up. Carla recommended the mud stuff...forget what it's called. Indian clay mud.... something.
    Still earthquaking here, just not as bad. I was up around 1230am this morning. I might have dozed back off but not much. I'll be hitting the hay now. I hope everyone has a happy Friday and weekend.
  • Yeah, I don't miss the jello ground of Southern California.  Got to where, unless it was a 4 or over, I didn't even wake up anymore.  For a very light sleeper, that's saying something.  Up here, if we get a quake, there might be flying rocks involved so one is looking for smoke on the horizon as well.

    Good to hear from you Hunter!  #:-)