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Tuesday Finally Time

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Tuesday Finally Time
  • To Ride.
    It has been a couple weeks.
    My bud Amy is coming.
    She recently got a part time job and it has been upsetting her riding time.
    Which in turn upsets some of my riding time.

    My main rides are the 2 mares. I miss riding my big man Tex. I need to force some time to at least do some quick bareback rides on him. My niece B has claimed him as hers.I never ride Jet anymore. Amy has claimed him.

    It is going to be a beautiful day in the upper 70's.
    It is suppose to be an early Spring.
    We have hardly had a winter here this year.
    Tomorrow we have wintery weather coming back for a couple days.
    Weather will rebound in time for the weekend.

    Saturday is my niece B's first book signing and I should attend.
    She may be up for a ride Sunday.

    I hope you all have a nice week.

  • Your niece is an Authoress?  I hope her book is successful.  Reminds me of  this scene in Auntie Mame:

    I have decided I will get someone out before chores.  Seems I never do so nearly enough anymore.  What's the point of having horses if one never gets them out?  Anyway, chores will wait.  They always do...

  • I am contemplating getting another horse just so Whisper will stay outside without fretting.  As far as she is concerned going out is only an option if she can see me.  Soooo, I looked at a horse last night.  Not what I want.  PHEW.  

    Ah, Wednesday morning and the sun is coming up.  Time to go and give the barn denizens their breakfast.