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Water Whoops

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Water Whoops
  • Put horses in barn yesterday around 12:30 PM due to cold nasty rain. Fed them dinner around 4ish and topped off water. Came back later for evening tuck in. I had forgotten to turn Fancy's water off. WHOOPS! Flooded barn. Decided better to leave them in where at least they were not getting rained on. We have dirt floors and most of it had drained by this morning. Muck buckets were heavier than usual for some reason. Turned the fans on to speed the dry out process. The next time the horses might need to stay in us Wed, should be good to go by then.

    Thankfully wife is in PA! :-)

  • Yeah... Jmebear has floats in nearly all the  water tanks for that very reason.  Flooded the barn once too often.