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Wednesday Waiting

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Wednesday Waiting
  • For a chance to ride.
    I like to ride at least once a week.
    Everyday of course is better but unrealistic.

    We got another 1/2 inch of rain Monday night.
    Every bit helps. All the horses feet need attention.
    I may work on some today. They aren;t going out until noon.
    And everyone is soft from the recent rains.

    The Monday meeting went really well and I got a lot of barn chores done in the afternoon.
    It was too pretty an afternoon to waste inside.

    Yesterday was a trip to Marble Falls and a stop for lunch.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

  • Our ride goal is once a week as well. Sadly life and weather get in the way far too often. The wife is in PA for two weeks dealing with her parents which gave me a rare opportunity to ride Fancy last weekend. Had a blast and I am still sore from the ride. When it is just Fancy and I, the rides are more spirited, which means more leg work. It had been a while since we had last ridden and it is amazing how fast one gets out of shape. Weather permitting I would like to get Fancy and Apache out this weekend. Right now it looks like Sat and Sun will be good days. Also have a load of square bales coming Sunday.