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Thursday with snow again

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Thursday with snow again
  • Snow came again during the night.  I was getting used to the look of bare ground.  I spent some time yesterday bringing in more wood.  Such a slow process when I do it one wheel barrow at a time but I am telling myself it is good exercise.  Hoping I brought in enough to get us through this currently predicted cold spell.  Judging from the pile left under the tarp outside, I am going to have to order more before spring gets here.

    Whisper is doing well with her hay bag..so much easier to clean her stall...when I put hay in her stall she scatters it all over and cleaning is not fun. I really don't mind doing her stall now.  

    No plans for this day other than to keep the fire going and to make sure all of the feral cats and Whisper are fed and watered.

    Sorry for all the rain and mud some of you are getting.  I do know that feeling...

    Hope everyone is doing well.

  • I like using a box for hay.  Socks is  the only one who can get hay out and scatter it around.  But he cleans it all up, so I don't complain.  All of our horses eat out of some kind of closed feeder.  Socks' and Louie's feeders were built for my mares River and Condessa.  they were intended to be slow feeders and worked reasonably well for Socks and Condessa.  Riverdance ripped the grille apart, quarter inch welded bar at that!   I can fill Socks' feeder and place the grille and he is good for a week.  I like it much better than the current system of twice-a-day gobbling.

    It has been trying to snow for hours here.  All the weather has succeeded in doing is making the ramps dangerous.

    My trailers are leaking again!  So frustrating!

  • Rain!


    My mare Sarcee chews holes in the hay bags.

    So she doesn't get a bag anymore.

    Some of the bags are getting to be more mend than net.

    Jet scatters all his hay now.

    But the other 3 get bags.

  • "Some of the bags are getting to be more mend than net."

    Yeah, that's what we ran into some years ago when we tried haynets.  Ponies are especially good at ripping up haynets!  Some of our nets ended up more than half hay string.