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Monday Almost Mid Month

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Monday Almost Mid Month
  • Already again.
    Tonto seems to be doing well. He is off the banamine.
    He needs about 3 more days of triple antibiotic in his eye.
    I give him half his feed and put a goop of ointment on my finger.
    Wait until about his 3rd bite of feed and poke it in his eye.

    He acts like he is feeling good and the eye looks better than it has in a l o n g time.
    He trotted beautifully yesterday afternoon. I miss that huge floating trot so much.

    So dry here. It has been very mild weather.
    B's childhood friend and family is coming this weekend for a stay at the cabin. They have been friends since kindergarten.
    We went and tidied the cabin yesterday, dusting and vacuuming.

    Errands for feed, grocery and a Dr. appointment are the order for the next couple days.
    And my truck needs some maintenance. Running extremely rough.

    Everyone have a great start to the week.

  • RAIN RAIN RAIN. Lots of it here and WAY too warm. We have already gone beyond our monthly rain average.

  • Lots of rain here too, but cold as well.  We are expecting snow on Friday.

    Sadly Raven has  gone backwards with her feet.  Didn't seem to be so bad till it got so cold.  We have moved her into a barn stall and are hoping she will improve with dryer conditions.  She still gets out, but Jmebear is putting boots on her front feet.  Discouraging, that.

    Mud, mud everywhere and no relief in sight.