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Soggy Sunday

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Soggy Sunday
  • We have gone from single digit temperatures, snow, sleet, strong winds to  warm and rainy. Saturday we got to 59 and currently it is 53,  Rained so hard last night it woke me up.

    On the way to the barn this morning, two deer were eating windfall apples next to the shoulder of the road.  That tree holds on to its fruit what seems like forever and it is still loaded.  They watched me approach...the tree is right across from my barn, and then just went into the brush behind it.  Once I was in the barn they were back to the apples...what a morning to forget my phone so no picture.  I try to  remember to take the phone with me when I go to the barn so if I should fall or need help. I can call someone.

    Cal isn't feeling well this morning so we have opted to skip church and not share the germs.

    The doctor put me on muscle relaxers since I was having pain that seems to be caused by an unhappy nerve.  Darned things actually work.  I could get used to not having constant lower back pain.  I looked the drug up and , while it says it does not cause addiction, it also says one should wean off it?

    A dealer friend has a buckskin gaited gelding for sale.  9 years and 14.1.  Perfect.  Just what I have been dreaming about.  BUT Cal says one is enough for the winter and I am not giving up Whisper.  She is too special,

    Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday and a good week.


  • That is a nice looking horse Connie.

    I did find my phone, right where I thought it might be.

    It was an extra trip to town early Friday morning but finding it so easily was nice.

    Yesterday was a trip to Fburg for different feed for Jet.

    His teeth went from ok to not good in what seemed a short time.

    I am convinced the acorns didn't help.

    He isn't able to chew the coastal very well. He noses through it and can get about half of it eaten.

    I got some alfalfa pellets and ordered the new supplement feed recommended by both vets.

    Spendy but I am hoping this will get our golden boy back. And I got some coco soy oil also vet recommended.

    It will help keep the acorns he does eat moving through.

    I would like to feed him alfalfa but don't have a good source yet.

    And I don't have a way to secure it from the other horses.

    I hate special feed regimes for different horses but I don't seem to have a choice.

    Another trip for the other horses regular feed will be in order for the coming week also.

    We need rain to renew our pastures which would help everything immensely.

    It seems we have a weekly chance that always fizzles to nothing.

    If we don't start getting some soon we will be in a desperate hay situation.

    Nice to hear from you Stude.

    Such huge projects you seem to get accomplished.

    Everyone have a sunny Sunday.

  • yes, the buckskin is pretty and she posted today that he is sold.  Such good news for me. Now I don't have to try him.  Whisper's kingdom will remain as is.