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Friday Fone

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Friday Fone
  • I have lost my cell phone for the second time in a week.
    I am hoping I just left it behind at the shop last evening.

    Tonto did very well will the cryo treatment to the eye.
    Dr. Matt said it could not have gone better.
    I saw the prelim shots into the eye.
    Then I switched sides to help hold Tonto's head during the actual freezing phase.
    Pilot saw the whole treatment. And Jet did very well staying at Tonto's side through the whole appointment
    He was sure he didn't want to be there but was a very obedient boy.

    After care is a few days on banamine and a week of triple antibiotic put in his eye.
    Sounds simple right? Well I am sure you all know how hard it is to put ointment in a horse's eye.
    Recheck in a month. And of course I am suppose to send pics to Dr. Matt to keep him updated but my phone is missing.

    I hope everyone has a fun Friday.

  • Just got back late last night from a trip to Fawn Lodge.  I had to retrieve my living quarters and George wanted me to move my ABC (trailer home) back about a hundred feet.  Had a devil of a time doing it and it took twice as much time as expected.  Got it up on  jacks, wheels off and all set up and there was a loud KER-WHUMP-AH.  Sounded like a tired old V8 refusing to start.  I justold her she would have to stay that way for a while and went back to hitching up the terry.

    We had snow in Fawn Lodge early Wednesday morning.  I got up to several inches in the yard.  thankfully it was gone in the early afternoon.

    Got back to Oak Run after midnight.

    We had a 50% chance of rain tonight so naturally, it's currently pouring.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend and tonto does well.