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Wednesday We

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Wednesday We
  • go back to the vet.
    This time with Tonto.
    Dr. Matt wants to freeze a spot in his left eye.

    I feel bad for Tonto locked in the pen.
    But is for his safety.
    Dr. Matt reminded me there are horses in much worse living conditions.

    When we get rain and some green grass i can take him out to graze.
    We are going to take Jet along as a calming traveling partner.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!
  • Snowed hard here today with wind up to 40mph.  Saturday we should be in the high 50's.  Our weather certainly has variety. I

    brought in a wheelbarrow load of wood in this morning and have another load waiting outside the cellar door...it is under cover so it doesn't matter if I do it tonight or tomorrow.

    I keep seeing horses for sale that pique my interest but really should hold off until spring..yet a dealer has a buckskin gaited to sell...favorite color and favorite ride.  

    Hoping the snow doesn't cause Cal any problems.  He drives bus and transports adults to sheltered workshop type places five days a week.  It snowed so hard visibility was not good here.

    Hope Tonto made out okay.