The feeling you get when you have a new store of firewood or hay.
I hope the wood source is a good one for you Connie.

We still have lots of firewood from our last cutting spree.
I don't mind cutting, splitting and stacking.
To me it is a very satisfying chore.

It has been too mild of a winter to have many fires.
We didn't have a single one during the holiday season.

I got a load of squares yesterday morning.

Not local but better hay although expensive.

R was going haul some for himself so we split a load.
Mostly all got stacked into the little hay shed.

Pilot and I finished the last of it after Amy and I did a ride.
We did some rearranging in the new big hay shed and took part of a round to the cows.

No plan so far today but it is going to be a nice on weather-wise.
Everyone have an enjoyable weekend.