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Saturday Safe

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Saturday Safe
  • Sis texted at 4am that MaderChica had arrived safe and sound.
    I will see her sometime later today.

    Library volunteer Christmas party last evening.
    They bring non perishables for the Help Center.
    Pilot and I will go pick up the food items and take them to Help Center.
    Our pantry there was seriously empty after we filled and distributed Christmas boxes.
    The school also does a food drive for us for Christmas so hoping that fills us back up.

    I have cooking to do.
    Turkey needs thawing.
    Chili, cornbread, meatballs, mac & cheese, and Christmas prep are the first orders of business.

    A nap will also be required sometime today.
  • Delivered food today.  They must be getting more volunteers since our list gets shorter each year.  This year they had extra so we knew of someone and took a bag to them

    4 H was selling cheese at TSC so I went over and bought some and then visited with the children and leaders for awhile.  Since I was alone, I picked up the two ton ratchet type come along that Cal wanted.  Now to figure out how to get it in the house and wrapped.

    My package from HI is delayed shipped Monday but will be lucky to have it by this coming Monday.  so....the folks looking for HI coffee for Christmas will have it by new years.

    Still cold here but pretty.